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Ok Guys!  Here it is!!  The Friendship Circle Photo Album!
Its really fun putting a face to a name!  Before now you all looked the same to me!
Kinda square-headed ... with an off white edge and buttons along your chin area!

ila1.jpg (19950 bytes)

Here we have Ila Cox standing next to
her MS Okra!! 

ila2.jpg (11918 bytes)
And here she is hangin' out in the hot tub!

 trixoval.JPG (19989 bytes)

Here's Deb Plum!  Her husband, Paul, took this picture!  Doesn't he do a great job!!

Here's Carla....all dressed up!  She's at home know...we can dress her up but we can't take her out!

carla1.jpg (19766 bytes)

carla2.jpg (11499 bytes) Here's the everyday Carla!  Yes everyone, Queen Carla chats with us from the comforts of her bed!
This is me...Suz on my wedding day in June of 1996!  But I am now a short, light brown haired and slightly fatter version of what you see here!

weddingsuz.jpg (17252 bytes)

suzglamorshot1.jpg (14619 bytes)

This is me again!  And for a mere $120 YOU too can look like this!   And then claw at the caked on makeup they plastered all over your face as you are driving home!  I had about $25 worth of makeup under my finger nails by the time I got home!  Guess that's a good clue that I would never make it as an actress or model!  Even my hair drove me nuts!  I gave new meaning to the word HELMET HEAD!

This is Whitni and her husband, Matt. 
Cute couple, at least I think so!  LOL!

whitnimatt1.jpg (17365 bytes)

arlene.jpg (20868 bytes)

This is Arlene and her family! 
Another good lookin' clan!
This here is Mil - A - Bomber!  This picture was  was taken while she was doing her favorite thing!  Shopping!!  As you can see, she's having trouble finding a hair color (never mind  the style!) that works on her!   And the kid with her in the shopping cart....well, we aren't quite sure where she came from ....  Greg SWEARS he had nothing to do with it!  But she is kinda cute!  This is the only photo I have of her right now until she sends something better!

margeshop1.gif (4414 bytes)

Millie1.jpg (16157 bytes)

Millie finally went to the hairdresser and sent us a picture!!

wilma1.jpg (7273 bytes)

This is Kathy!  Now be kind....its an old picture, I'm told!  I know....I know.....Kathy needs some serious fashion advice!  But at least her hair is a little more refined than Mil-A-Bomber!  Again, until Kathy sends a more recent picture, the one from the Stone Age will just have to do!
Who's this you ask?  Why its Rhonda!  Isn't she adorable in her checkered bonnet and braids!  Ok, its not REALLY Rhonda but until she sends a picture it is!  (Its actually Kirsten from the American Girls doll series!)

kirsten.jpg (33062 bytes)


Leandra1.jpg (22991 bytes)

This is Leandra!  And 1/4 of her Hubby Mark! 
She doesn't trust us enough to let us see him!  LOL!!!  Can ya blame her??
This is Julie and her "girls"!  Lookin' good for just having had a baby!  You make it look so easy!

julie1.jpg (14302 bytes)

OK - We are down to Robyn, Theresa, Debi B., Patricia and Karen when she comes back.   Then our album will be complete!


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