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This list was updated March 23, 1999
I can double $1 c/o's so the higher the value (but not OVER $1) the better
Coupons need to be able to be doubled!

*** Means Need For a Sale ending 3/27
The second list are coupons that I can use all the time...higher valued the better!

***Barilla PastaB

***Benadryl Kapseals or Chewables

***Bic Electronic Lighters

***Plax Dental Rinse (NEED LOTS !!!!)

***Black Pearls Olives

***Playtex Tampons - $1/1 only needed

***Keebler Pie Crust

***Reynolds Hot Bags 60 or higher

***Dixie Livingware Plates

***Ronzoni Pasta

***Dow Handiwrap

***Star Kist Tuna

***Enamelon Toothpaste

***Sylvania Soft White Light Bulbs

***Gillette Series Shave Cream PLEASE!!!!

***Thermasilk Shampoo/Conditioner

***Green Giant Canned Veggies

***Welch's Juicemakers-Welchade $1/2  55/1

***Hungry Jack Specialty Potatoes

***Yes Laundry Detergent

***Neosporin Ointment

***Ocean Spray Ruby Red 64oz $1/1 not off 2
***Kodak Gold 4 pack film ***Pillsbury Brownie Mix

***Pillsbury Frosting

***Pillsbury Cake Mix
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The following are coupons that I can always use!
Again, the higher the dollar value (up to $1) the better!

Arm & Hammer Dental Gum $1

Hefty One Zip Bags $1.00

Arm & Hammer SPRAY Deodorant $1.00

HI-C 10 pack .50c +

Band Aid Bandages $1

J & J Dental Floss $1.00

Cheezit crackers

Kool Aid $1/10

Crest Toothbrush (any) $1.00

Kool Aid Sugar when you buy 10

Drypers Diapers $1.00..No Blinky Machine Plz

Mug Root Beer .55 off 1 2liter

Dynamo or Purex Liquid Detergent (any value)

Nivea $1.00 (Not VISAGE..must be on any)

Electrasol Tabs $1.00

No Nonsense Sheer Endurance $1.00

Excedrin 1.00

Pepperidge Farms Goldfish

Excedrin PM 1.00

Pine Sol Cleaner $1.00

Flex Shampoo $1/1

Playtex Drop Ins Bottle Liners

Flex Shampoo/Conditioner $1.00

Pop Secret Popcorn - Any $$ amount

Glad Trash Bags $1/2 or $1/1 or $.50/1

Purex Laundry Detergent (any $)

Glad Zipper Bags $1/2

Shout Wipes $1.00

Glass Plus $1.00

Shower To Shower Powder $1.00

Green Giant Boxed Frozen Veggies

Softsoap Antibacterial Hand Gel off one

Vaseline Intensive Care Solutions $1.00

Sunlight Tablets $1

Welch's Juicemakers or Welchade

Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion $1.00

Yes Laundry Detergent Freeman Shampoo $1.00


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